Bio Gun demo now available on Steam Next Fest

Bio Gun

Bio Gun is a crazy Metroidvania shooter set in the body of man’s best friend.

Thanks to Steam Next Fest, Dapper Dog Digital announced today that a new demo of their upcoming game, Bio Gun, is available on Steam today. You must fight your way through the sick sections of a dog’s body in this 2D Metroidvania shooter, and make things personal by naming the pup you’ve been assigned with rescuing.

A microscopic Metroidvania

Join Bek, a vaccination made from pig DNA, on his journey to save his creator’s dog from the terrible Dooper virus, invented by the enigmatic DocX. Along the way, make friends with cells and struggle to rescue key organs before it’s too late.

Bio Gun

Learn about cells, organs, germs, and viruses in a tiny universe. Make friends with nisms and utilize those connections to learn more about the living world around you and to uncover secrets that can alter the universe into which you’ve inserted yourself.

Like in any decent Metroidvania, you may enhance your weapons and stats by trading balloons (the in-game money) with the local shopkeeper or discovering balloons spread around the body.

There is no set date for the release of Bio Gun. In the interim, due to the Steam Next Fest, we can play a little of this Metroidvania on Steam thanks to its free demo.

Watch the game trailer down below!

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