BioShock 2 Downloadable Content Arrives Today

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2K Games has announced that the Rapture Metro Pack, the latest multiplayer expansion for BioShock 2, will be available tomorrow on Xbox Live and PSN. The PC version will follow soon. Two additional DLC packs will be released tomorrow: Kill’Em’Kindly, a free multiplayer mode where players fight to the death with golf clubs, and the Character Pack, a new pack which adds two new characters to the multiplayer experience of the game for 160 Microsoft Points/ $1.99.

The Rapture Metro Pack is $9.99. It features six all-new maps, some built from the single-player portion of the game. They will also be offering three new Achievements/Trophies to those that buy the pack. Finally, players will have access to the “Rebirth” feature where those that reach the rank of 50 have the option to rank down to Level 1 and receive a special mask.