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BioWare/Pandemic Looking for Talent

BioWare/Pandemic Studios, the global video game developer, is mounting a major recruiting drive to attract new talent to its award-winning international studios to work on some of the most exciting next generation titles in the industry. The company, which was formed last year through the fusion of Pandemic Studios, a leading developer of action titles, and BioWare Corp., a developer recognized for its story and character-driven games, is looking to hire video game development professionals at all of its four locations across all development disciplines.

“We are looking for people with top technical skills and a passion to work on games that will challenge the industry for creative impact and success,” said Roberta Riga, VP Human Resources for BioWare/Pandemic Studios. “We work very hard to maintain a creative, collaborative, and open environment. Whether you are leading the development of a hot new title or ensuring that operations are running smoothly, at BioWare/Pandemic Studios you are always an important part of the team.”

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The company is seeking to fill positions at Pandemic Studios’ two locations (Brisbane, Australia and Los Angeles, California) as well as at BioWare’s two studios in Edmonton, Alberta and the recently announced Austin, Texas location. Work is now underway in BioWare Austin on a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) title. The new game will mark BioWare’s debut in the MMO space. Applicants may view job postings and submit materials for BioWare through jobs.bioware.com, and for Pandemic through http://www.pandemicstudios.com/jobs_la.php (for careers in Los Angeles, Calif.) or http://www.pandemicstudios.com/jobs_brisbane.php (for careers in Brisbane, Australia).