Birushana: Rising Flower of Genpei is coming to Switch in 2022

Birushana: Rising Flower of Genpei

Another otome game from Idea Factory arrives to charm Western gamers.

Idea Factory announced today that its upcoming otome visual novel Birushana: Rising Flower of Genpei is coming to the Nintendo Switch in summer 2022. Step into the shoes of Shanao, the youngest surviving male heir to the Genji family, who is hiding a dark secret known only to a select few.

An engaging otome

Shanao, torn between her obligation to live up to the Genji family name and her wish to live a quiet life, sets out in the hopes of destroying the Heike stronghold and bringing peace to the land. Her journey leads her to new and treasured connections, as well as something deeper than the war between competing tribes.

It’s worth mentioning that the game offers five different paths. There are affection bars whose values fluctuate depending on the choices made throughout the tale to determine if Shanao will tend to relate more to a character.

Once you’re on a path, it’s critical to increase the bar in order to become closer to the character in question and attain a real finale. This is a classic Idea Factory otome that incorporates current mechanics while remaining true to the genre’s legacy.

Birushana: Rising Flower of Genpei is coming to the Nintendo Switch in the summer of 2022.

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