Blankos Block Party officially launches with Godzilla collaboration

Blankos Block Party officially launches with Godzilla collaboration

Blankos Block Party has left early access. Season One features the monsters Godzilla and Mothra.

After a year in early access, Blankos Block Party has officially launched with Season One content. The game has grown a community of builders, creators, and players of over a million accounts. It’s the first web3 game on the Epic Games Store.

Season One ushers in new content, game modes, and an assortment of improvements that the community will enjoy. Among the new content is a new Blanko class with its own unique power moves, power perks, and foundation perks. The party doesn’t stop there because players also have other seasonal content to look forward to with a new free Party Pass: I Know What You Did Last Grave Rave.

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In addition to the launch of Season One, Mythical Games has partnered with Toho to bring the monster of all battles to life. That’s right. Godzilla, Mothra, and Mechagodzilla are joining Blankos Block Party. These three iconic monsters are designed as playable Blankos.

“Watching this trailblazing game grow throughout early access has been really inspiring,” said Jamie Jackson, Chief Creative Officer at Mythical Games. “Now that we’re launching our full game and our first season of content to the world, what better way to celebrate than with giant iconic monsters from Toho!”

Blankos Block Party is a free-to-play multiplayer party game set in a vibrant online world. The game focuses on custom art design, world-building, collecting, and personalizing unique Blankos. New players can expect a wide selection of developer and player-created maps.

Blankos are collectible digital vinyl toys brought to life. Inhabiting their own, ever-changing, offbeat world, they love good vibes and good times. Players can expect to enjoy different gameplay types, including racing, shooting, collecting, and brawling.

While not required, Blankos Block Party offers players the freedom to collect, own and sell their digital items. In other words, the things you earn and buy in Blankos are yours to own within the game. Powered by the Mythical Platform, the marketplace gives the option for players who wish to exercise the freedom of digital ownership to sell or buy items in-game.