Bloodborne minecraft
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Bloodborne has been recreated in Minecraft, and it’s mind-blowing

Bloodborne minecraft

The years continue to pass, and Minecraft players continue to surprise us with their epic constructions.

Rumors of Bloodborne‘s arrival on PC have resurfaced this 2022. But the arrival of Bloodborne is getting more complicated by the day. Still, that doesn’t mean that a large part of the PC community doesn’t love the game. Something that has been demonstrated with this recreation of the designer and programmer Potomy.

The dark fantasy-loving Japanese designer has brought us a recreation of Yharnam, Bloodborne‘s renowned city, along with other locations. Recreations with a level of detail that, without a doubt, will blow your mind.

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Near-perfect recreations

Honestly, the Bloodborne community is one of the strongest in the “souls” genre. Remember last February when we brought you the demake of Bloodborne for PSX? Works like these and many more are brought to public light on a constant basis. One of the latest we’ve had the pleasure to see is Potomy’s great work on Minecraft.

Bloodborne minecraft

Potomy, for those who don’t know him, is a Minecraft. Potomy has spent his 2022 recreating the most iconic locations and architectures of his favorite game: Bloodborne. With an inhuman level of detail, this designer has surprised users on Twitter and Youtube with images of his constructions that look like an excerpt from the game.

Although it has details such as streetlights, iron railings, and more that seem to be taken from mods, this is not so. The Japanese designer has made dozens of textures to make his constructions as close as possible to the game.  Something that has been achieved in a great way, and seeing what has been shared on Twitter and YouTube, makes us feel as if we were playing Bloodborne on a PS4.

With how advanced this project looks, besides that Potomy does not stop building architectures of the game; it is not impossible that we will see at some point a kind of Bloodborne adventure map. There would be players who would pay money to have an experience like this in Minecraft. If you are not yet aware of what this content creator is doing, and you are still waiting for the release of Bloodborne on PC, we invite you to check out this amazing work.

Check out some of these incredible recreations down below!