Bone: The Great Cow Race Scheduled for April

Just like the competitors in the Bone saga’s big contest, the team at
Telltale has been moving rapidly to get Bone: The Great Cow Race game
ready for release this April. Visitor’s to can now view screenshots and concept art
from this title, and can also sign-up to receive a timely alert upon the
game’s release next month.

The Great Cow Race is the continuation of a new breed of episodic
interactive entertainment that Telltale began last fall. The company
released Bone: Out from Boneville as the first episode in this series to
wide acclaim in September. Hailed by reviewers and educators alike as
engaging for all ages, the Bone books on which these games are based have
become the anchor for a line of graphic novels from Scholastic’s new
Graphix imprint. In an un-paralleled feat in the games industry, Telltale
is distributing this follow-up to its first title in the series within a
six month period, in order to match Scholastic’s book publishing schedule.

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