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Book of Travels: Chapter Zero arrives on Steam Early Access

Book of Travels Chapter Zero

Book of Travels provides us with a unique, immersive experience that will entice players.

After making a big impression in the press and a large number of backers in their Kickstarter campaign, Swedish indie studio Might and Delight has been making waves in recent weeks thanks to their new project, Book of Travels.

This week they announced that their new project, Book of Travels: Chapter Zero, is now available on Steam Early Access. Book of Travels is a TMORPG with an incredible aesthetic that with its story and scenarios, will create feelings of nostalgia in its players.

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An Amazing Experience

Book of Travels is based on Braided Shore. This world will be a rich and rewarding experience, as its lore and culture can be interpreted by any observant traveler paying attention to idle chatter or reading the terrain, something not usually common in western RPG games.

With no missions to complete, it will be up to you to create your own experience in this new indie game. You’ll have to take notes on your travels and solve the world’s secrets at your own leisure.

Nonetheless, the studio claims that there is still time for the game to reach its final release version, so in addition to the announcement of the title’s arrival to Steam Early Access, they have shared a video on the indie studio’s official channel in which they show us a Roadmap of all the content that will be added little by little during its stay in Early Access.

What’s a TMORPG?

As previously stated, Book of Travels is a TMORPG, but what precisely is that? TMORPG stands for Tiny Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game. Might and Delight’s game, as part of this extremely specialized type of video game, strives to provide players with a completely different and more intimate encounter with other players than a traditional MMORPG.

With fewer individuals to meet in the game world, engaging with others will be a very special element of the story experience, allowing players to discover new worlds while having intimate and remarkable experiences with others, as we said in the preceding paragraph.

Book of Travels is a title that from the start, due to its aesthetics and ideas proposed in company with this interesting genre of the industry, is very interesting. If you also want to take a look at the game, Book of Travels is already available for PC via Steam Early Access.

Take a look at the game’s roadmap below!