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Borderlands 3 celebrates series’ 10th anniversary with bonus loot all month long

Borderlands 3 is marking the 10th anniversary of the original Borderlands with a five-week celebration with extra loot all month long.

“Each of the next five weeks will feature its very own theme in Borderlands 3, encouraging different in-game activities to maximize your rewards,” publisher 2K Games says.

As of yesterday, Boss Week went live. It will remain active until October 8, when the following week’s theme will begin. During Boss Week, certain bosses will have an increased chance to drop specific Legendary items.

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The company says that they are saving some surprises for later, but they’ve released a calendar with the themes for each week. All of the bonuses will be revealed each Monday of this month at borderlands.com.

Borderlands 3 was released last month on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It has already sold over 5 million copies across all three platforms.