Borderlands 3 is free to play this weekend; new update adds free content

2K Games announced today that Borderlands 3 will be free to play this weekend on both PS4 and Xbox One.

For all Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members, the Free Play Days event is already live. It runs until Sunday, November 24 at midnight Pacific Time. On PlayStation 4, the free weekend has already started for all PlayStation Plus subscribers. It ends at 9:00 AM Pacific on November 25.

In addition, an update out now has added new content. The November patch “addresses multiple community requests” and includes the raid-like Takedown at Maliwan’s Blacksite.

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In the new raidLorelei has recruited the Vault Hunters to destroy a top-secret weapon that Maliwan has been developing at its blacksite. According to 2K, this new permanent addition to Borderlands 3 is “designed for squads of players who’ve completed the main story campaign.” They say that you should expect a serious challenge; respawning is disabled.

The update also includes the following:

  • Bank Expansion: All characters now begin the game with 20 bank slots instead of 10. By acquiring additional Storage Deck Upgrades from Marcus’s shop on Sanctuary III, players can expand the storage bank to 300 total slots.
  • Dedicated Loot Pools for Bosses: All bosses have been updated with new loot pools that give them dedicated Legendary items to drop. Players can now discover which bosses drop their favorite gear and more easily farm for those specific items.
  • Additional Vending Machines: New vending machines have been placed across multiple maps.
  • Target Dummy: A target dummy now appears in Sanctuary III’s firing range, allowing players to safely test their weapons.
  • Thank You Weapons: Two free “thank you” weapons – one for lower-level players and one for Level 50 players – are available through the in-game mail system.

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