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Borderlands 3 level cap increased, Broken Hearts Day event announced

Borderlands 3 Broken Hearts Day

2K Games and Gearbox today announced new content for Borderlands 3, plus an increase in the level cap.

The maximum Vault Hunter level will increase from 50 to 53. This will give players three additional skill points to add to their skill trees. 2K says that they will have more information about future level cap increases later. They intend to make level cap increases free additions to the game.

In addition, there’s a new seasonal event free for all players. As part of Broken Hearts Day, lovesick enemies across Borderlands 3 will soon have special hearts floating around them. The event will go live on PC via Epic Games Store, PS4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia once the February patch deploys later this month.

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“These hearts take a variety of forms, and shooting them produces any of a number of unique effects, from buffing your party’s damage output to temporarily converting an enemy to an ally to simply exploding into a pile of loot,” 2K says. “The more hearts you break, the more rewards you unlock, with five total rewards up for grabs – including special skins and Legendary weapons unique to this event.”

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