Boreal Tenebrae release date announced for Switch and Xbox consoles

Boreal Tenebrae

After so much waiting, the day has come to know when we will have this intriguing but wholesome game in our hands.

For us here at Game Freaks 365, Boreal Tenebrae is a familiar title. After previously sharing this intriguing title for its similarities to classic PlayStation 1 titles, Red Deer Games in collaboration with Snot Bubbles Productions has now revealed that Boreal Tenebrae will be released in April on Switch and Xbox consoles.

Venture into the mysteries that await you in Dusky Rivers

We can see this frightening and strange movie set in the small town of Dusky Rivers in less than a month. Society is terrified and anxious as a result of sudden technological advances and digital evolution. The impact of such events is always enhanced in a tiny and lonely community, where such transitions occur much more slowly.

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Boreal Tenebrae

Despite the fact that we play as Bree, there is a wide cast of characters who will rapidly make players feel like they are reflected in them. Each character has a unique perspective on the city, a unique past, and a unique point of view, yet each is crucial in the investigation of the oddity of which Sarah is accused.

Boreal Tenebrae is coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch on April 8.

Watch the game trailer down below!

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