Bravely Default II is available now on Steam

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Bravely Default II

The game that was previously exclusive to Nintendo Switch, finally PC players will be able to enjoy this title from Square Enix.

Square Enix announced today that the PC version of the RPG Bravely Default II is now available on Steam. Bravely Default II follows four characters, Seth, Gloria, Elvis, and Adelle, on their quest to travel the realm of Excillant in pursuit of four elemental crystals.

The sequel to the classic turn-based RPG for 3DS is now on PC.

PC gamers and novices alike may experience the thrilling Bravely Default II Brave and Default systems on Steam, where taking risks can result in even bigger victories in this turn-based brawler.

Players will be able to modify their party composition utilizing the job system in order to face frightening monsters. In addition to exploration, charm, and strategy, the STEAM edition of the game has complete control support and several resolution choices.

The game is now available on Steam for PC. If you buy the game today, you may save 10% off the price by purchasing it through Steam between now and September 13.

Watch Bravely Default II trailer down below.

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