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Brawhalla Arcadia

Accompanying Arcadia, The Luck o’ the Brawl Event arrived today in Brawhalla.

A new legend has come to Brawhalla, according to Ubisoft. Arcadia, a new mystical legend, has been added to Ubisoft’s brawler, bringing the total number of legends available to 55.

Arcadia The Mystical Legend

Arcadia, the fairies’ queen, is a wise leader who reigns over the Fangwild as a kind and compassionate monarch. She wields a Greatsword and a Spear, and is aided in her Signature assaults by her trusted war scarab, Domo, and enchanted magic.

Brawhalla Arcadia

The following are examples of signature attacks:

  • Spear Signatures:
    • Side Signature
    • Neutral Signature
    • Down Signature
  • Greatsword Signatures:
    • Charged Side Signature
    • Neutral Signature
    • Down Signature

Arcadia can also fly, and she uses her hypnotic wings to chase down her foes on the battlefield. This new legend may be purchased in the game for 7200 gold starting today. Arcadia will also be getting three new skins: Arcadia Rogue Queen, Arcadia Armored Carapace, and Arcadia Bramble Rose. These skins will set you back 140 mammoth coins each.

The Luck o’ Brawl Event

The Luck o’ Brawl Event is arriving in Brawhalla in conjunction with the release of Arcadia. A new event for all legends that features a new look for Isaiah, two new avatars, a KO effect, and lucky clover colors. Brawhalla now has all of the previous Luck o’ the Brawl skins, avatars, and KO effects.

Brawhalla is a free-to-play game for Xbox One, Xbox One S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PC, Android, and iOS.

Watch the Arcadia new trailer down below!