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Brawlhalla adds Volkov the Vampire King, Brawlhallidays event

There’s a new legend out now in Ubisoft’s fighting game, Brawlhalla. In addition, the annual Brawlhallidays event returns from today through January 15, 2020.

Volkov the Vampire King is added today as the 48th fighter in the game. Volkov comes to Brawlhalla from the Royal Castle of Batavia, a place constructed over a large hole in the ground that was a gateway to hell.

“As a young, dashing prince, Volkov earned the love of his people as the fiery defender of Batavia. As king, living over a hellmaw proved too much, and before long the Batavian court was placing bets on whether their sovereign would wind up a lich, werewolf, or hungry wraith. All bets were settled when he turned into a Vampire,” Ubisoft says.

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Volkov has joined the fight in Valhalla with Scythe and Axe, and is available for 7,200 Gold. The skins Blood Moon Volkov, Blue Virus Volkov, and Huntsman Volkov are available now for 140 Mammoth Coins each. Volkov has six signature attacks, which are detailed below.

Scythe Signatures

  • Side Signature – Volkov unleashes a torrent of bats to trap his enemy, then uses his cape to either float behind them for a reversal, or float in front of them to spike them down on active input.
  • Neutral Signature – Volkov floats up then turns his cape into bat wings to propel him forward. As he flies forward, he spins and swirls his Scythe around at high speeds to slice his enemies.
  • Down Signature – Volkov floats up and summons a small whirlwind of bats. If an enemy steps into this whirlwind, Volkov pulls them towards him and slices them with his Scythe.

Axe Signatures

  • Side Signature – After fading into his cape, Volkov floats menacingly forward and slices his enemy. If the attack is held, he will float above his enemy and spike them down with a hefty Axe swing.
  • Neutral Signature – Volkov flies up, swipes once with his claw and his wing, then swings his Axe to send his enemies upwards.
  • Down Signature – After a quick jump, Volkov swings his Axe twice downwards. If the attack hits an enemy, he will swing his Axe a third time to launch his opponent off stage.

Brawlhalla is a free-to-play fighting game. It is available on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

Watch a trailer for Volkov the Vampire King below!