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Brawlhalla Esports Year Seven arrives with over $1 million prize pool

Brawlhalla Esports Year Seven

The Winter Championship kicks off the new Brawlhalla competitive season.

Ubisoft has launched Brawlhalla Esports Year Seven, which will comprise a series of events in which players may earn points in the Brawlhalla Power Rankings and a piece of the $1,320,000 prize pool. All Brawhalla gamers from across the globe will battle in 1v1 and 2v2 matches to become the greatest players of 2022.

Seasonal Championships

Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall are the four seasons of championships. Year 7 includes a variety of unusual invitationals for professional players in addition to the regular championships. The first of them will be the OMEN Oasis Online Championship, which will take place in February and pit the best Power Ranked players from North America and Europe against one another online in their respective areas. The Mid-Season Invitational Championship, which will be held in June 2022, will include the top 32 players in the world rankings.

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BCX is back

The seventh Brawlhalla World Championship, often known as BCX, will finish the competitive season in November, with the highest prize pool in a fighting game competition.

BCX 2022 is an open enrollment tournament, providing all players the chance to fight for Brawlhalla Esports’ most prestigious championship and a portion of $500,000. Finally, the 2022 season will see new additions to the esports ecosystem, including a revamped spectator rewards system that will reward fans with new prizes, as well as the first official Japanese Brawlhalla online event.

Brawlhalla is available on Xbox One, Xbox One S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and mobile platforms. Players may register for the 2022 Winter Championship starting on January 28. It will run for two consecutive weekends until February 6, as well as any other open events once the brackets are available.

Watch the announcement trailer down below!