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BreakQuest Review

Developer:Nurium Games Publisher:Nurium Games
Release Date:November 16, 2004 Also On:None

BreakQuest is a Breakout game, but not what you think. It is not another one of those lame clones that are all the same more or less. No, BreakQuest manages to be something that I would not have thought possible before playing it; an innovative Breakout game. Keep reading to see how Nurium made it possible.

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The thing that makes BreakQuest stand out from the clone crowd is its powerful 2D physics engine, even more so the way that this engine is used. Levels often include objects hanging on dynamic strings. If you hit them with your ball they will swing around, collide, and all behave very chaotically. Not all levels are like that. Some feature your standard breakable fixed blocks, but seldom in the shape of normal blocks. They can be round or have sides of the weirdest angles, which makes this Breakout game much more complex than other ones.

Then there are levels that are innovative not because of the physics or how the blocks are shaped but because of how the level is designed and how it works. For example there is a Space Invaders level that has the invaders shooting at you and moving just like in the original arcade game. The only difference is that you shoot back at them with your ball and “break them out”. This level nearly made me cry of joy when I first saw it. It really makes you feel good to know that such creativity in game design still exists.

Most levels in BreakQuest are really completely different. There are only some levels that are built on the same concept. It never gets repetitive in any way, not even the slightest bit. BreakQuest also features a collection of the best powerups collected from all Breakout games to date. Your ball can get drunk, you can shoot different guns and rockets and your bumper can have a lot of different shapes. The variety in gameplay is amazing.

The graphics of this game are 2D, of course. They are nice 2D with effects, variety and style. Every level looks different. The sound is top notch. There are many different pieces of music, each enhancing the atmosphere. The sound effects are also very good. Things break out with very satisfying thuds and powerups can be recognized by a fitting sound.

BreakQuest can be finished in a few hours, but that is still a lot for a Breakout game. You will definitely want to replay your favorite levels. You can also go hunt for a highscore in the different game modes or create your own mode with your favorite powerups etc. This is a game you can pick up and play again any time, and one that you’ll actually want to.

You have to buy this! If you are even remotely interested in Breakout games, get BreakQuest! It’s really worth the low price. If you still do not believe me, try the demo and prepare to be surprised. BreakQuest could quite possibly be one of the be values for the price of any PC game on the market today.

Graphics: 8.5
Sound: 9
Gameplay: 10
Creativity: 10
Replay Value/Game Length: 9
Final: 9.3
Written by Ortwin Review Guide