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Explore this massive open-world ocean adventure on your own or with friends.

Breakwaters is now available on Steam Early Access. The new indie game from developer Soaring Pixels Games is an ambitious open-world ocean survival adventure.

A breathtaking adventure

Before you begin your adventure in Breakwaters, you should be aware that the water in this title is constructed in an unusual manner…

Water is displaced by powerful crystals, revealing resources to gather and objectives to fulfill. Different tactics, such as erecting walls to hold back the seas or preventing the waves, are critical to rebuilding and assisting the Earth in recovering from the giants’ relentless havoc.

Breakwaters‘ wonderful randomly generated environment is full of adventures and numerous gameplay types where we may journey alone or with buddies online. We can swim, sail, and fly to discover new islands with unique resources for building, crafting, and survival.

The ocean functions as a companion, assisting you or your company on your journey. But don’t be deceived. The water also wreaks devastation and hides your deadliest foes, for under the waves lives the Titans, a long-dead civilization.

Breakwaters is now available on PC via Steam Early Access. The game will be released on more PC storefronts and console platforms at a later date.

Watch the launch announcement trailer down below!