Brook Pocket Auto Catch Reviver Plus and Dia Plus out now for Pokemon Go players

Auto Catch Reviver Plus

Brook is hoping that its new Pocket Auto Catch Reviver Plus and Dia Plus are must-have accessories for all Pokémon GO players.

Brook, a Taiwanese gaming accessory manufacturer with over 20 years of expertise, has announced the official release of two new Pokémon GO-themed wearables, the Auto Catch Reviver Plus and the Auto Catch Reviver Dia Plus. The updated and enhanced Auto Catch Reviver units are filled with useful features designed to make every Pokémon collecting session a breeze, thanks to direct feedback from Pokémon trainers all around the world.

The ultimate accessory for Pokémon GO

Since the first Pocket Series Auto Catch was released in 2017, more than 350,000 trainers have pushed their game to the next level with Brook’s Pocket series. The line’s main feature is the ability to automatically capture Pokémon and acquire goods while playing Pokémon GO.

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Waterproofing, shock and drop resistance, different color schemes, and even a color screen on the high-end Pocket Series Auto Catch Watch model appeal to trainers of all levels. Brook has listened to the community. It shows in this new version.

What’s new?

One big complaint trainers had with prior models was that there was no notice if their wearable was disconnecting from the game, which frequently resulted in the loss of rare Pokémon or prizes from special events. The new Disconnection Reminder function will now use haptic vibration to notify players that their device is about to disconnect from the game and encourage them to take action.

The Auto Catch Reviver Plus and Dia Plus will also have an on-screen battery capacity monitor, which was missing in previous versions, so no trainer would have to worry about power levels during collection sessions.

Brook has also created the elegant Pocket Auto Catch Reviver Case, an unique leather case made exclusively for the Reviver and Reviver Dia lines, for the fashion-forward trainer. Aside from providing additional weather protection, the case also provides mobility and may be fastened to a backpack or belt.

If you’re an avid Pokémon GO player, the Auto Catch Reviver Plus from Brook might be useful!

Watch the official video for the Auto Catch Reviver Plus down below!

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