Bungie is working with Sony on unannounced projects

A senior studio executive at Bungie has confirmed “a number of unannounced projects” with Sony.

Bungie was associated with Microsoft for most of its history. But, as of January 2022, Bungie became part of PlayStation Studios. One of the main objectives of the merger was the creation of new games and online projects. However, neither of the two parties had revealed any information about new projects.

But, recently, the Senior Design Lead at Bungie made a tweet sharing a shield with the most representative logos of the company in the last eleven years. But, in addition to this, he confirmed that there are a number of unannounced projects. Projects being developed by Bungie in conjunction with Sony seek to empower PlayStation games as a service.

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A union that little by little is bearing fruit

Bungie, although it may not seem so, already has a long history in the gaming industry. That’s why the Senior Design Lead at Bungie, Tom Farnsworth, has shared on Twitter a kind of shield full of medals. These medals represent every major Bungie milestone over the past 11 years. Undoubtedly, great detail to always keep in mind the progress of the company.

But, the most important thing that Farnsworth shared was not the shield. In a tweet following the thread, he shared some information that finally answers some of our questions. The Senior Design Lead at Bungie shared that they are working on several unannounced projects for Sony and PlayStation.

What we do know is that, at the time of making the union between the two parties, there was a very clear goal: to empower games as a service on PlayStation. This new modality in the industry does not have much presence on PlayStation. Therefore, we can intuit that several of these projects are intended to achieve that goal.

Even so, it is expected that several of these projects will be announced during 2023. The reason for that? PlayStation, to date, has almost no exclusive releases announced for 2023. Therefore, we expect Bungie to be responsible for the big PlayStation exclusive release or announcement for 2023.