HyperCube Wireless Charging Station
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Buy one HyperCube Wireless Charging Station, get a power bank free

HyperCube Wireless Charging Station

There are only a few days left before you can take advantage of this great promotion.

Brookstone is a chain of retail stores here in the US that sells various home, technology, and lifestyle items. They currently have a fantastic Ampere deal where we can receive a free Power Bank if we purchase a HyperCube Wireless Charging Station between January 13 and 17. Once you add the HyperCube to your cart, the free Power Bank will appear in the cart as well.

The ultimate charger for all your technology devices

For those unfamiliar with Ampere’s HyperCube Wireless Charging Station, it’s a clever cube-shaped wireless charger with over 13 smart functionalities. It has three Qi-based wireless charging surfaces that can charge iPhones, AirPods, and AirPods Pro, as well as a changeable color and brightness LED display on the rear that can be used as a reading or ambient light.

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HyperCube Wireless Charging Station

In addition, the HyperCube has a built-in speaker that can play one of various sleep noises. Get a good night’s rest with woodland sounds, rain, and ocean waves while you nod off to sleep. The typical use form is that of a cube, but thanks to the incorporated hinge design, it can fold flat. This provides a flat charging surface or into a two-inch stack, making it more compact for travel.

As if that weren’t enough, the HyperCube’s three wireless charging surfaces are all 10W, allowing it to charge iPhones at full speed, and there’s also an 18W USB-C connector for attaching an Apple Watch charging disc, an iPad, or another iPhone.

An amazing deal

Brookstone has the HyperCube Wireless Charging Station for $199.99. Between January 13 and January 17, if you buy one of these devices, you’ll get a free Power Cube, Ampere’s 20,800 MAh high-capacity Power Bank.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of Brookstone’s appealing offer, you can do so here.