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Call of Duty 3 for All Next-Gen Consoles

Call of Duty 2 (PC and Xbox 360) won’t be out the door until this fall, but that’s not stopping Activision’s internal developer, Infinity Ward, from hiring for the next Call of Duty. A Senior Programmer is needed for a next-generation Call of Duty 3, as well as a new IP. The platforms are not yet known, but PS3 and Xbox 360 are likely bets, as well as Revolution.

“We are ramping up teams for upcoming Call of Duty titles as well as new IP. To meet the challenge and expectations for these high-end development platforms, Infinity Ward is looking for seasoned console engineers to join its ranks. A talented team, an exciting work environment, competitive compensation, and strong royalty bonus await those people who are interested in creating cutting edge games on both the PC and all of the new next-generation console platforms,” the page read.

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