Call of Duty Mobile Season 8: The Forge kicks off today

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Call of Duty Mobile Season 8: The Forge

A new update was just released this morning for Call of Duty: Mobile.

Along with the new content is a new season. Season 8: The Forge includes the return of the fan-favorite map Highrise from Modern Warfare 2, a new Juggernaut mode, a new Battle Pass, seasonal events, and more.

Key Updates

  • New MP Map – Highrise
  • New Battle Royale zone – Safehouse
  • Season 8: The Forge Battle Pass – New characters, weapons, items and more
  • New Mode – Juggernaut – 5vs1
  • Events – Days of Summer, Solstice Awakened
  • New Operator Skill – Katana
  • New Seasonal Challenges
  • New merchandise now available in the store
  • Various UI updates, weapon balance, and gameplay optimizations

Activision regularly releases new content for Call of Duty Mobile. Among the maps added is the classic Rust. The publisher also recently offered the ‘Freedom Pack’ DLC to support unemployed veterans.

The new Call of Duty Mobile update for Season 8, along with The Forge Battle Pass, is now live on both Android and iOS. You can download the game for free via Google Play and the App Store.

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