Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is better with crossplay disabled

Since its launch, I have played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare‘s competitive online multiplayer fairly obsessively. While generally happy with the game, I’m not too keen on the addition of crossplay.

Crossplay may be a good feature for some games and some genres, but it feels somewhat misplaced here. PC players potentially have a tactical advantage with more robust hardware that allows for a steadier framerate.

Now, to be clear, I am not blaming the game for losing a match. I fully admit to being a fairly average player skill-wise. But as an average player, anything that may put you at a competitive disadvantage can be frustrating. Disabling crossplay was a no-brainer for me.

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As far as controls go, Modern Warfare is admittedly well-balanced. PS4 and Xbox One players can optionally play with a keyboard/mouse combo and PC players can hop on with a controller if they want. Kudos to Infinity Ward for giving choice to players! On top of that, Activision says that the system should not match controller players with keyboard and mouse players.

Of course, others may feel differently. Crossplay is particularly good for adding a larger pool of players, thus reducing wait times. So while I personally prefer having it disabled, I am glad that Activision included it as a new feature AND included the option to disable it. As far as I’m concerned, giving gamers more options is a positive thing.

The one change that I would like Infinity Ward to add is the ability to disable crossplay for a specific platform. Right now, it’s either disable it for all or nothing. If – as a console player on PS4 – I want to disable crossplay with PC, I also have to disable it on Xbox One. Why not allow me to disable it for just one?

Anyway, if you want to disable crossplay and don’t know how, I’ve put together a video below along with step-by-step instructions for PS4. Hope it helps!

  1. Launch the game and press X to start. This will take you to the Main Menu.
  2. Push the Options button on your controller.
  3. Press R1 to navigate to the Account tab.
  4. Select Disabled under Crossplay.
  5. Exit Options to save settings.

That’s it! The game will no longer match you with players on PC or Xbox One. Now you’ll be able to play the game – along with the new maps and mode in the first free DLC batch – on a level playing field. I assume that the process is similar on the other platforms, although the buttons will obviously be different!

1 thought on “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is better with crossplay disabled”

  1. a little fyi that you didn’t mention and may not know, if you disable the crossplay option in the MW game options on the Xbox One version, Xbox Live will NOT let you play WARZONE at all, you’ll be locked out.

    i played both versions, on both systems, and while i LOVE the Xbox One controller i kept the PS4 version of the game because on that version you can disable crossplay and play everything, don’t deal with pc hackers pretty much every game, and even with crossplay disabled you can usually find a game pretty quick…

    and another thing, you CAN disable crossplay on the Xbox One system options, but if you do that and leave crossplay on in the MW game options to get around not being able to play WARZONE on Xbox Live, you will literally NEVER find a game…

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