Call Of Duty Warzone Loadout Drop
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Call of Duty: Warzone update brings back classic Loadout Drops

Call Of Duty Warzone Loadout Drop

With this change, streamer FaZe Swagg loses the bet made last month via Twitter.

Raven Software revealed this week that the next Call of Duty: Warzone upgrade will be available on February 3rd. With this update comes one of the most anticipated updates for certain players: the Loadout Drops adjustments have been returned to the previous regulations.

The classic Loadout Drops are back

This modification allows players to purchase a loadout drop as soon as they have enough money. This loadout adjustment, however, only impacts the basic battle royale games. Also, according to Raven Software, Vanguard Royale playlists are exempt from this change, thus players in such exclusive playlists will have to wait until the free loadout comes for the full lobby.

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Last year, with the addition of new regulations for loadout drops, a big portion of the community expressed their discontent with this alteration to a system that was previously operating effectively in the game.

Swagg lost the bet.

Adding to the list of players who expressed their displeasure, famed streamer FaZe Swagg said last month on Twitter that if Raven Software revealed that they were planning to reverse these modifications, the streamer will get a tattoo on his right buttock.

Following this week’s news, the official Call of Duty Twitter account has followed up on the humor of the bet by asking followers if they knew of a great tattoo artist, as a “friend” was in need of one.

It’s encouraging to see that Call of Duty’s public relations team and developers are doing an excellent job of garnering user feedback in order to enhance the game. If you want to read the patch notes for this new release, you can find them by clicking here.

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