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Cannon joins Rogue Company as latest playable character

Cannon Rogue Company

Coming in recklessly, Cannon is going to wreck everyone with his minigun as Rogue Company adds a new character.

After surpassing the incredible number of 25 million unique users, Rogue Company is ready to get the new update 1.77, which brings with it a crazy rogue who will quickly become a fan favorite.

Hi-Rez Studios and First Watch Games announced today that a new rogue has arrived at Rogue Company. Cannon, the new rogue, grew up in Kansas City, where he was raised on action movies, pro wrestling, barbeque, and is looking forward to destroying everyone in the game.

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Cannon, a reckless army soldier

He joined the Army in order to operate a machine gun on an assault helicopter, but he was too large for that position. Cannon will deliver glory to your side while pouring down fire on the opponent, carrying an overwhelming amount of firepower in the shape of a minigun.

Using the Assault Rifle and Shotgun weapon classes, as well as having two incredible abilities such as a devastating Gatling Gun that fires faster the longer it is fired, that can be mounted for increased accuracy and fire rate, and Conflict Connoisseur that aids in munition recovery, Cannon will undoubtedly become one of the players’ favorite Rogues. Cannon, like the rest of the game’s characters, can be obtained for free by just playing matches.

Rogue Company is currently available on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Crossplay and cross-progression are fully supported in the game.

Watch the reveal trailer of Cannon in Rogue Company here on Game Freaks 365!