Capcom nixes fan-made Resident Evil Code Veronica remake

Resident Evil Code Veronica fanmade remake

It’s a decision that could mean that the studio plans to make a remake in the near future.

We have previously commented on it here at Game Freaks 365: fan-made remakes are getting more and more amazing – from the graphics to the gameplay. Fans are making better and better projects of their favorite games. As an example, two of these are Resident Evil Code: Veronica and the original Resident Evil. These are two games with active fan-made projects that had the “support” of Capcom.

Although the release of these games was on the horizon, this week we received important news. Capcom has taken the decision to cancel these two fan-made projects. It’s a decision that has surprised the community in a negative way, but that raises the possibility of official remakes in the future.

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Bad news that creates hope in the Resident Evil community

If you like video games, at some point you will have heard about fan-made remakes. These projects, created by fans looking to improve their favorite games, have been around practically since the beginning of video games. But, in recent years, and thanks to the accessibility of technological advances like Unreal Engine 5, these projects have become more common to see.

Within the Resident Evil community, there are two projects that have stood out in recent months: the remakes of Resident Evil Code: Veronica and the classic Resident Evil. These two projects were based on bringing to the present these two games more than 20 years after their original releases. The most remarkable thing about these remakes is that they had some support from Capcom. Therefore, it was expected that someday these projects would see the light of day.

However, the Resident Evil community has received bad news: Capcom canceled both fan-made remakes. The Twitter account of both remakes has been the one to share this news with the community. Three members of the development team of these remakes – Matt Croft, Briins Croft, and DarkNemesisUmbrella – have announced that Capcom contacted them and requested they stop these projects.

But in part, it’s not all bad news. It is already known by the community that when fan projects are canceled, it can mean that companies will officially release a remake. So the community partly expects that these remakes will take the same path.

You may be wondering why we say this. Well, that’s because the fan-made Resident Evil Code: Veronica remake was almost ready for release. Still, nothing has been confirmed after the cancellation. Capcom commented in October that its attention is focused on the Resident Evil 4 Remake.

What do you think will happen with these remakes? Will they see the light of day officially or will they be added to the list of projects that never saw the light of day? Share your opinion!