Casebook 1899: The Leipzig Murders is now fully funded on Kickstarter

The retro-inspired adventure game Casebook 1899: The Leipzig Murders is now fully funded.

The Kickstarter campaign to support the retro pixel-art point-and-click adventure game Casebook 1899: The Leipzig Murders has reached its goal. The indie developers behind the game raised $18,122 from 484 backers.

As we previously reported, the game looks fairly unique. It’s a point-and-click adventure game with a distinct 1980s floppy disk PC game feel to it. Players control detective Joseph Kreiser, examine objects, question witnesses, and interrogate suspects.  Combine the collected clues in a notebook and decide which clues will lead to the culprit.

After attaining its first milestone on Kickstarter, the finished game will include four cases to solve. Players can expect roughly four hours of gameplay, German voice acting as well as German, English, Italian, and French subtitles.

The game is getting a full release on PC, Mac, and Linux sometime in 2023. You can also experience the first of four cases to be solved by trying out a demo version via Steam.

Watch a trailer for the game below!