Caspian is the latest Paladins champion

Caspian is the latest Paladins champion

Paladins released a new playable champion named Caspian earlier today.

Caspian is available through the major game update named Constellations. The Event Pass: Starforged is also available with two pairs of skins for Terminus and Zhin. Meanwhile, the classic Siege of Ascension Peak adventure is back as a limited-time mode.

Here’s a description of the new champion from Hi-Rez Studios:

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This dashing rogue’s deadly skills and quicksilver tongue make for an enrapturing spectacle. Caspian, Thief of Hearts (and Treasure) is after hedonistic perfection, nothing less. Armed with Love and War, he makes a name for himself doing whatever he wants.

His playful banter and deadly grace complement a dazzling skill set. Switching between his pistol Love and his arcane sword War enables Caspian to optimize his damage output. It also facilitates the use of his Rogue’s Tempo ability, firing a piercing and stunning projectile that will often conclude Caspian’s performance – and spell the end of his enemies.

Paladins players should enjoy finding Caspian visually in line with the RWBY characters, who have been out as Champion skins with the previous Update’s Crossover.

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Just as they can with all other champions in the game, Caspian can be unlocked for free. All you have to do is play Paladins and accrue Gold. He already has three skins, two emotes and two MVP poses. You can find all of the deets on the Constellations Update Notes.

Event Pass: Starforged

Starting today, the Event Pass: Starforged is also new. It allows players to tap into power from beyond the stars with 24 rewards. The Event Pass includes two versions of Terminus as a Cosmic Titan, the first of which is unlocked instantly upon purchasing the Event Pass. As for Zhin the Tyrant, he gets a skin depicting him as a star goddess, Mei.

Players can also get their hands on the new Cuddly Yagorath skin that turns the monstrous Devourer into a plushie puppeteer. She can be unlocked either in the Diamond Trove Chest or in direct purchase for 800 Crystals.

Over the past year, Hi-Rez has added a ton of new champions including Betty la BombaAzaan, and Saati the Trickshot. Back in January, Season Five arrived with new ranked rewards and a new battle pass for players.

Paladins is a free-to-play hero shooter that can be played on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

Watch Caspian’s trailer below!