Cassette Beasts is an open-world RPG with Pokémon vibes

Cassette Beasts

Bytten Studio has revealed that thanks to a collaboration with Raw Fury, Cassette Beasts will broaden its horizons and reach consoles.

Raw Fury and Bytten Studio, a UK independent developer, announced a collaboration today to bring Cassette Beasts to PC as well as Xbox consoles and Nintendo Switch.

A monster-fusing open-world RPG

Cassette Beasts collects amazing monster forms to employ during turn-based fights in this indie open-world RPG, with a Pokémon-inspired theme and graphic style. Using the game’s ‘Fusion System,’ any two monster forms may be merged to create unique and powerful new ones.

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The game will take place on New Wirral, a lonely island populated by monsters you’ve never imagined and a cast of heroic people that change into combat using cassette tapes. To find your way back home, you’ll need to explore the entire island and record creatures on tape to learn their skills.

Commenting on their partnership, the Brytten Studio team said: “Raw Fury has been really great to work with on Cassette Beasts. Their team gets what we’re trying to achieve with the project and have been very supportive. Cassette Beasts truly feels like a collaboration between us and them – it really wouldn’t have been able to grow into what it is now without Raw Fury backing us.”

The game is already in its last stages of development, but the independent firm has only shared a few details about it. Cassette Beasts will now be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC through Steam. In addition, they’re bringing it to Xbox Game Pass.

Those interested in this open-world RPG may add it to their Steam wishlist right now.

Watch the announcement trailer down below!

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