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Catizens Christmas demo

All the kittens in the kingdom are preparing for winter and the Christmas season.

HeroCraft PC, in collaboration with Bad Optics, has announced today some exciting news for Catizens fans and cat lovers, as Catizens has returned to Steam with a new demo where the cat kingdom has been charmed by the Christmas season, with snowy landscapes, ornate trees, and plenty of kitties wearing Christmas hats.

We have previously talked about Catizens here at Game Freaks 365, and we explained to you that Bad Optics’ new game presents a colony management simulation game in which you must keep a watch on a bunch of cats, each with their own distinctive personality, while you assist them in building and growing their community.

The Holiday season arrived to the cat kingdom.

Catizens Christmas demo

This new Christmas demo has a bite-sized campaign spanning across various stages, all of which are significantly themed for the holiday season. Most of the end-game mechanics, such as developing unique citizens, making beautiful houses, managing communities, and exploring nature while fighting some terrifying beasts, are accessible to players.

The Christmas Catizens demo is now available on Steam as part of a limited time event that will run 5 weeks. Previously, demos of the game were provided, allowing a big community to form around the title.

Try the new demo.

Click here to try out this demo with kitties in a Christmas atmosphere. Catizens‘ final version was supposed to be delivered in 2021, however the development team has pushed it back to 2022.

Take a look of the teaser of the game down below.

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