CDV Offers Digital Distribution

CDV Software Entertainment USA has announced an agreement with digital distribution leader Trymedia Games, a division of Macrovision, which will enable consumers to electronically download and purchase select CDV videogame titles. In addition, the service will allow consumers to try complete game versions before buying them. The initial games to be made available through the digital distribution system will be:

Lula 3D (An adult-only erotic adventure game)
Blitzkrieg (WWII RTS)
Mission Kursk (Expansion; requires Blitzkrieg)
Mission Barbarossa (Expansion; requires Blitzkrieg)
Green Devils (Stand-alone expansion to Blitzkrieg)

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“We are delighted to be working with Macrovision’s Trymedia Games, the leader in the field of electronic product distribution world-wide,� explains CDV’s North American CEO Tom Gross. “We see this as a great opportunity to enhance our customers’ convenience, as they will be able to directly download fully functional versions from the convenience of home. This will be of particular benefit for products carried only in limited retail outlets or otherwise difficult to find.�

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