Check out this fan-made Silent Hill remake built on Unreal Engine 5

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Silent Hill remake

In the absence of another official game from Konami, Silent Hill fans are filling in the void.

We still don’t know what will happen to Konami’s Silent Hill series in 2022. The saga’s future is highly unknown. Konami appears to be hesitant to make another game, but fans can’t get enough and want to have another game in their hands. That’s why, as a Silent Hill lover, Codeless Studio created a Silent Hill recreation in Unreal Engine 5.

We’ve seen a lot of community projects regarding this story of games, which has captivated many gamers since its debut on the original PlayStation. (The first game now fetches for over $100 on eBay.) We’ve seen pixel-art versions of the game, virtual reality versions of aborted demonstrations, and now a fresh version built with Unreal Engine 5.

A project good enough to be official

This work comes from Codeless Studio, which recreated some of the game’s scenarios and also implemented some fairly basic gameplay mechanics to create the video. While the studio has no plans to make the project public, it appears that it will remain a demonstration of what we could have with a modern remake of Silent Hill.

There have been speculations that Kojima Productions may release a Sony-exclusive edition of the brand, but nothing has been proven. We hope that this creative fan project will lead to a full, official remake.

Take a look at the Codeless Studio video down below!