Chessplosion is available now on Steam


Chessplosion is an explosive take on the classic strategy table game. It is now available on PC via Steam.

Chessplosion, the next project from solo indie developer CT Matthews, was released today. Chessplosion is an arcade action puzzle game in which you drop chess piece-shaped bombs to trigger chain reactions and trap opponents; it’s a great mix of chess and Bomberman.

Do the explosive Queen’s Gambit

This new explosive game has four different game modes: adventure, puzzle, survival, and battle. Three of them can only be played locally against the AI, but in the Battle mode, you may play both against the AI and against other players online.

You must overcome a variety of opponent kinds and boss confrontations in Adventure Mode, which are inspired by the movement patterns of chess pieces. Avoid rushing Rooks, avoid being hit by Bishops’ diagonal missiles, and be wary of trampling Knights.

Similar to the Adventure mode, the Survival level requires you to avoid the explosions that occur when you are challenged against waves of complex bomb designs. In the Puzzle mode, you must complete more than 100 levels by utilizing limited explosives to trigger a chain reaction and smash the targets.

What’s great is the Battle mode, where you can fight head-to-head with the AI or other online gamers. If you want to try something different than the standard Free For All or Team Battles, try the Tennis Battle mode, which allows you to toss bombs over the center line to construct bomb patterns for your opponent to evade.

Chessplosion is now available on PC via Steam.

Watch the launch trailer of Chessplosion down below.

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