Chezzle is a meditative chess puzzle game out now on Steam


Chezzle is a puzzle game with a calming soundtrack that is made to relax you. So sit back and enjoy the experience.

The DollarGame Shoes, an independent developer and publisher based in South Africa, has announced the release of Chezzle on Steam. The game is a chess puzzler with a twist that aims to relax and provide its players with a meditative state.

Sit back, relax, and play chess (with a twist)

The big twist in Chezzle is that you become each piece that you take. By becoming the captured piece, you’ll have to plan ahead and try to link together movements to clear the board. Chezzle was designed with healing and meditation in mind. Players may enjoy the game, which includes over 18 soothing tunes and rain effects.

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Nowadays, in this non-stop world, we carry our daily lives at speeds that do not allow us to have a moment of concentration and relaxation. In Chezzle, with rain effects and 18 relaxing tracks, you can take your mind and body to a Zen state without even playing the game. Just listen to the soundtrack.

Chezzle is now available on PC via Steam.

Watch the launch trailer of Chezzle down below!

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