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Chicago White Sox Win World Series

For the first time since 1917, America’s Second City (we’re America’s #1 city tonight) can celebrate a World Series victory. The Chicago White Sox have won the World Series, and in dramatic fashion. They’ve won each of their last 7 post-season games, including a sweep of the Houston Astros, as well as a clean 3-game win in Anaheim during the ALCS. The Sox had a post-season record of 11-1, one of the best in Major League Baseball history, with four consecutive complete games during the ALCS.

Congrats to Manager Ozzie Guillen for his remarkable second-year achievement, to General Manager Kenny Williams for his ability to recruit and trade for such fine, capable, and respectable athletes, and of course, to the players themselves. Most especially though to Joe Crede for his game-winning hits throughout the playoffs, as game-saving plays. I love you Chicago; thanks for bringing one home!

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