Children of Silentown is coming to PC and consoles in early 2022

Children of Silentown

In Children of Silentown, you must search the village for clues, solve puzzles, encounter odd individuals and creatures, and cope with a very nasty cat.

Children of Silentown, a new gorgeously hand-drawn dark adventure from Daedalic Entertainment, Elf Games, and Luna2 Studio, will be released on PC and platforms in early 2022.

Hop in this cute and spooky adventure.

You play as Lucy, a young girl who lives in a tiny town surrounded by thick forests teeming with creatures. Lucy and her pals are terrified of them, and not even their dreams provide a secure haven for them to play. It’s not uncommon for Silentown’s residents to vanish without a trace, but the little girl believes its time for her to look into it.

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The game depicts a wonderfully hand-drawn 2D environment with a dark and eerie undertone. Lucy may solve strange puzzles by mixing various things for unexpected effects, or she can play mini-games with the other children in the hamlet.

Children of Silentown will be published in 2022 for PC through Steam and on consoles. If you want to have a taste of this spooky and adorable journey, you may download the game’s prologue for free by clicking here.

Watch the reveal trailer of Children of Silentown down below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9Loe-qYGck&w=1280&h=721]