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Chinese Android Console Infringes on Both PS4 and Xbox One


The Chinese are known for their knock-off, copyright infringing products but the Ouye just might take the cake. The Android video game console looks like a PS4 and comes with a controller that closely resembles the Xbox One design. The company behind the system even stole their console’s name from Ouya.

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Right now the system is in its funding stage. The company is trying to raise 100,000 Chinese yuan (roughly $16,000 USD) on a Kickstarter-like website called JD Finance. The system itself is running for less than $70 with free shipping.

(Note: Don’t to try to buy one of these as there is no telling how legitimate the hardware company behind it is or if JD Finance has any buyer protections in place.)

Both Sony and Microsoft have entered the Chinese market with their PS4 and Xbox One consoles but neither have managed to catch fire. Aside from the problem of knock-offs and rampant piracy, Chinese consumers have a bias towards PC gaming — and for good reason: foreign video game consoles were banned in the country until recently.