Chrono Odyssey first gameplay trailer unveiled

A Korean MMORPG that aims to be a great entry of the genre.

Since the arrival of New World and Lost Ark to the Western public, more and more fans of the genre have been born. Amazon has already announced that it plans to bring another MMORPG to the West. But, surprisingly, the company Npixel has arrived to surprise us with its new title.

Despite having been officially presented in 2020, Npixel today shared its first gameplay trailer of Chrono Odyssey. It’s a new entry into the MMORPG genre that boasts of its graphics, gameplay, and a giant map.

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The new guy on the block

Chrono Odyssey

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the last few years, it’s that Koreans love MMORPGs. The Asian market offers this type of genre a chance for stardom. That’s why many of the companies behind Korea’s most important MMORPGs have dared to jump into other continents

As we have mentioned before, New World, Lost Ark, and many other titles have dared to enter the Western market. However, Npixel has dared to reach the West with its new project, Chrono Odyssey. This incredible MMORPG developed in Unreal Engine 5 promised to please the needs of many fans of the genre.

Although we had not seen anything of the game, today the Korean company has shared a gameplay trailer that has managed to get rid of many doubts. An incredible graphic section that manages to squeeze the potential of Unreal Engine 5 in a great way.

Even so, what most caught the attention of the players is the gameplay. It not only offers fluid gameplay but also opens the possibility of having very divergent characters. However, they have not shared a release date but what they have shared is that the game will come to PlayStation 5, Xbox X Series X|S, and PC.

Check out the gameplay trailer below!