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Chuchel is coming to Nintendo Switch


After captivating PC and mobile audiences with a very particular but striking aesthetic, Chuchel will fascinate Nintendo Switch owners.

Red Deer Games has announced a partnership with Amanita Design to create a version of the iconic comedic adventure game, Chuchel, for the Nintendo Switch. The new version will be released in 2022.

Chuchel is a comedic adventure game with kick-ass situational humor, a roaring soundtrack, and funny animations that warm even the coldest of souls. You’ll assist Chuchel, a tiny orange ball of fur, tracking down the mysterious villain and reclaiming his precious cherry.

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The game was positively welcomed by both players and critics. It has a Metacritic score of 81 and has received multiple accolades, including the Independent Games Festival, CEEGA, Anifilm, and the BIG Festival.

A full-fledged adaptation

According to the recently signed deal, Red Deer Games will be the co-developer of the game Chuchel for the Nintendo Switch platform. It will be an exclusive version that will take advantage of the Switch’s existing technologies, such as Joy-Con motion controls, gyroscope, and more.

Chuchel charmed me with its original graphic style, great humor, and unconventional puzzles. I’m glad that we will be able to use our experience in creating and porting games for Nintendo Switch to develop a new version of this classic adventure game for this console” says Dominik Czarniga, creative director at Red Deer Games.

“Amanita Design are industry veterans, an extremely creative and professional team. The partnership is going great,” he added.

If you want to try the title before the Switch release, Chuchel is available for Android and iOS devices as well as PC and Mac via Steam.

Watch the trailer of the game down below!