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Circa Infinity is coming to Switch and Xbox next month

Circa Infinity

Kenny Sun, a solo indie developer, has let us know when we can expect to see Circa Infinity on our consoles.

Following the article on Game Freaks 365 in August about the upcoming game of indie developer Kenny Sun, the date of Circa Infinity‘s release has been revealed today in collaboration with Red Deer Games.

A hypnotizing platformer

From the first second to the last, you’ll be hooked on this hypnotic game. The insane visuals and pulsing soundtrack will amp up the already intense gameplay experience and literally melt your brain.

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In this crazy world of an endless circle, put your skills to the test on 50 challenging levels. Slip through a series of circular layers to reach the core of each level. All of this and more will be available on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X on November 5th, thanks to Red Deer Games.

Watch the Circa Infinity release date trailer here on Game Freaks 365!