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City of Atlantis

City of Atlantis is a city-building survival indie game set in the world of the mythical land of Atlantis. It has a new trailer out today showing off gameplay.

The game from Creativeforge Games is going to give all city-building game lovers hours of fun. City management is key. Plan each expansion in such a way that it ensures maximum efficiency of production chains and transportation. Workaround non-workable areas and utilize gathered knowledge to constantly progress and improve. A well-designed city will significantly improve its economic efficiency, greatly increasing your income.

Atlantis has a mission. It must discover and preserve the knowledge of the world. Train and equip heroes who will travel across the land and gather knowledge about the culture, history, law, art, and science. Make sure that you send the right people for the job and ensure that they have the best possible equipment at their disposal.

City of Atlantis is coming to PC via Steam. Its release date is currently TBD. We’ll let you know when we hear more!

Watch the new trailer down below!

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