Civilization VI crossplay is broken, but a fix is planned

Civilization VI Maya & Gran Colombia Pack

If you’re a regular Civilization VI player, you may have noticed that crossplay between PC and Mac was interrupted last week. That’s the bad news. The good news is that a fix is in the works.

The crossplay outage follows a free game promotion at Epic Games Store. After the promotion ended, crossplay no longer worked between PC and Mac. It appears to be an issue with the game’s latest update. In a tweet, Aspyr acknowledged the issue.

“Multiplayer fans will notice that crossplay between Mac and PC is not functioning as of this latest update. To make today’s date, we prioritized getting the DLC out and are currently working on adding crossplay functionality back,” the publisher tweeted.

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The DLC that they are referencing is the Maya & Gran Colombia Pack. That was recently announced as part of the Civilization VI: New Frontier Pass. It’s a new Season Pass that they just added to Civ VI.

The Maya & Gran Colombia Pack is the first of the Season Pass DLC packs. It adds leaders from each respective civilization, a new game mode, new city-states, as well as resources and natural wonders.

Here’s more on what users are experiencing via our friends at Kotaku:

Any players who tried to set up a game—either locally or over the internet—were met with red text and blurred-out bars. Trying to join a game resulted in this message: “Unable to join games of a different version.” (Currently, the PC version is, while the Mac version is Even the age-old solution of disabling all DLC and mods, restoring the game to a vanilla state for all players, bore no fruit.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more. So be sure to check back for more updates!