Civilization VI saves now transfer between PC and Nintendo Switch

Thanks to a new update, you can now take your Civilization VI saves on the go with you.

2K Games announced last night that Civilization VI now supports cross-platform cloud saves between Steam and Nintendo Switch. All you need to do is link your 2K Account to both systems and you’ll be able to transfer saves between both platforms.

This means that you can start a game on your PC, save the game in the cloud, hop on your Switch, and pick up where you left off – or vice versa. This seems like it could be a nifty feature for other games, even if it’s not something that you’d use with Civilization VI.

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Aside from owning the game on both platforms, the only other hiccup is that you will need to have Nintendo Switch Online to gain access to cloud saves on the Switch. Thankfully, you can get Nintendo Switch Online free for 12 months if you have a subscription to Twitch Prime.

Of course, 2K Games has yet to release the Civ VI expansions on the Nintendo Switch – which for a lot of players essentially makes the feature useless – but it’s still a neat concept. Maybe this signals 2K’s interest in finally releasing those expansions on Switch?

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