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Claustrophobia is a dark horror experience coming to Steam


Your only choice is to run and hide.

Indie developer Sentinel Studios announced today that their next project, Claustrophobia, will see the light of day in February 2022. The Dutch firm hopes to apply what they’ve learned from their previous terror games in Claustrophobia to create a tense experience that will captivate players.

A dark and scary horror experience

In Claustrophobia, you play as a scientist tasked with retrieving vital data. The institution is cloaked in mystery, and it is impossible to predict what you will face.

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The game provides a terrifying and dark horror experience full of blood-curdling moments, and the plot is fascinating and draws you in. Also included in the title is a unique universe with various routes to escape and a highly clever A.I. that attempts to find and kill you. Your only choice is to flee and hide, as simple as that.

Claustrophobia will be released for PC via Steam on February 10, 2022.

Watch the announcement trailer down below!