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Clockwork Aquario coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Clockwork Aquario

Clockwork Aquario is another title that rises from the ashes thanks to Inin Games.

Inin Games is resurrecting another long-lost arcade-era game. Clockwork Aquario will be released digitally for Switch and PlayStation 4 later this year, the company announced today. The classic 2D title from developer Westone is available in solo or co-op mode.

An arcade treasure makes its triumphant return

This brilliant side-scrolling action game from Westone that never saw the light of day and was lost for over three decades boasts ingeniously constructed stages with lovely, colorful pixel visuals. The addicting side-scrolling action and straightforward controls ensure that you’ll be engaged in the action as you take on a slew of foes.

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Clockwork Aquario

Select your preferred character and combat diverse opponents and unique monsters with Huck Londo, Elle Moon, or the enormous robot Gush, either alone or in co-op mode with your favorite player 2.

Clockwork Aquario will be available digitally for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on November 30 in Europe and on December 14 in North America.

Watch the announcement trailer down below!