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CNN: Wii Have a Problem; Nintendo Responds w/ Thicker Straps

Over the past week, many game sites have been reporting the peril of waving your Nintendo Wii remote wildly into the air. Gamers are carelessly throwing the remotes into expensive plasma televisions, stereos, windows and ceilings. A site dedicated to reporting your flying Wiimotes has been launched called Wii Have A Problem. CNN took notice of the hoopla surrounding the Wiimote in a piece on American Morning w/ Miles O’Brien:

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Gamepro is reporting that Nintendo is beefing up the controller straps to prevent them from flying out of your wrist. “Only a day after Nintendo had commented that it was ‘looking into’ the durability of the Wii-Remote straps after many reports of remotes flying out of people’s hands, newly packaged controllers show evidence of having new, thicker straps,” the article says.