Code Shifter announced for early 2020

Arc System Works America is bringing its crossover action-platformer Code Shifter to PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One in Q1 2020.

In Code Shifter, you play as Stella, a game developer at the Awesome Rainbow Corp, who is tasked with squashing the remaining bugs on the eve of the company’s biggest game release. As she scrambles to fix the game, mysterious errors in the program suddenly appear and time is running out to finish the game in time.

To deal with the situation, Stella whips up a debug program called “Code Shifter” that allows her digital avatar, Sera, to eradicate the issues from within. Along the way, she’ll encounter powerful bugs and anomalies but she’ll get some help from some unexpected allies.

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According to Arc System Works, the game features 100 characters in an epic crossover, including characters remixed in 8-bit pixel art from Guilty Gear, BlazBlue, the River City series, and more. The game also features 8-bit renditions of popular character themes.

Watch the first trailer for the game below:

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