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Codemasters Announces Heatseeker

Delivering the fiercest collection of modern military jet fighters, Codemasters today announced Heatseeker, an original title that’s set to be the most explosive, destructive and exhilarating arcade aerial combat experience ever. On target for take off in Q1 2007, Heatseeker will lead its attack on Wii, the PlayStation Portable and the PlayStation 2.

Designed to be an incredible lock-on/shake-off experience, Heatseeker reinvents missile combat to give gamers a massive rush of destruction. Set to feature an incredible collection of current and near-future military fighter jets, Heatseeker’s arsenal includes the stealthy F-22Raptor, the classic F-15 Eagle, the cutting-edge F35 Lightening II, and the aerodynamically advanced Russian SU-47 Berkut.

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“If you like fast and furious action, and blowing everything in sight to bits, then Heatseeker is a dream come true,” said Andrew Wensley, senior producer for Heatseeker at Codemasters. “Expect the greatest military aircraft armed to the teeth with the latest hardware, big explosions, great smoke trails, and gung-ho heroics.”