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ColecoVision classics are coming to the iiRcade home arcade machine

iiRcade home arcade machine

Fans of the ColecoVision will soon be able to play 39 officially-licensed classics on the iiRcade.

Originally released in 1982, ColecoVision sold over two million units in the early 1980s as Coleco Industries’ second-generation home video game console. Now new gamers and old fans can revisit or discover titles like Bump N’ Jump, Cosmic Adventure, Jump Man Jr., Venture, and more.

If you haven’t heard of it, the iiRcade is a new home arcade system. It features a library of over 200 licensed modern and retro games, both online and offline. The iiRcade is not limited to pre-loaded games. New games can be purchased and downloaded via the iiRcade Store. Software upgrades are also available on the platform. Pre-orders are open at iircade.com.

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ColecoVision Game Lineup

Here’s the full list of ColecoVision games that will be added to iiRcade’s game library:

  • Antarctic Adventure   
  • Aqua Attack   
  • Brain Strainers   
  • Bump N’ Jump   
  • Choplifter
  • Cosmic Adventure   
  • Evolution   
  • Fathom   
  • Flipper Slipper   
  • Fortune Builder   
  • Frantic Freddy   
  • Frenzy   
  • Gateway to Apshai   
  • Gust Buster   
  • Jump Man Junior   
  • Jungle Hunt   
  • Miner 2049er   
  • Moonsweeper   
  • Mountain King   
  • Ms. Space Fury
  • Nova Blast   
  • Oil’s Well   
  • Omega Race   
  • Pepper 2   
  • Quest for Quintana Roo   
  • Rolloverture   
  • Sammy Light Foot   
  • Sir Lancelot   
  • Slurpy   
  • Space Fury   
  • Space Panic   
  • Squish Em’ Featuring Sam   
  • Super Cross Force   
  • The Heist   
  • Threshold   
  • Tournament Tennis   
  • Venture   
  • War Room   
  • Wing War